Tragedies give pleasure because they make room for art. Published in "Missing Character," Vol. 26, No. 1.

What Pleasants found in the Afro-American idiom was a body of music intended to comfort the afflicted. Published in "Theological Variations," Vol. 25, No. 2.

Putin continues to play the Third Rome card that has brought him this far. Published in "The Use and Abuse of History," Vol. 24, No. 2.

Every society in history has limited speech in some way, yet some have remained freer than others. Published in "America on the Brink," Vol. 22 No. 3.

Is the whole world slouching toward a Panopticon of digitally enabled surveillance and control? Published in "Reality and its Alternatives," Vol. 21 No. 2.

American cultural diplomacy has sought to balance artistic cultivation with democratic and inclusive values. Published in "Europe in Search of Europeans," Vol. 16 no. 1.